neighborhood SNOW PLOW MAP


Street Snow Removal

The City of Arvada is responsible for plowing the snow off of all streets within the neighborhood except for W 72nd Avenue. (The City owns and maintains these streets.) Per the City's current snow plow plan, the City will only plow the streets if snowfall exceeds 12 inches or the City Manager declares a snowfall event emergency.

Snow Removal on W 72nd Ave and on sidewalks in Open Spaces

The District is responsible for plowing the snow off of W. 72nd Avenue and all sidewalks located on the open spaces within the neighborhood. The District's policy is for snow to be removed from the sidewalks when the snow accumulation from any snow storm is greater than 2 inches. The District's policy for removing snow off of W 72nd Avenue is to follow the City's street snow plow policy applicable to the rest of the neighborhood streets - which is to plow the snow if snowfall exceeds 12 inches during a snowstorm event.

Snow removal services will occur no earlier than 24 hours after the end of a snow storm.